Artist: Lynne Koscielniak

Technologist: Jon Shimon

Title: Say-sh

Media: Automated Sculpture: Rock, String, Compressed Air, Digital Control, LED Lighting

Artists Statement:

On October 18, 1844 a sudden oscillation of water brought on by a raging wind created a tidal wave that caused the largest loss of life from a natural disaster in Buffalo’s history.  “In terms of loss of life, many of those killed were in the First Ward environs. When the storm subsided, 78 people had drowned” (Against the Grain by Timothy Bohen 39).  This weather phenomenon, today called a Seiche [say-sh], is illustrated through the arrangement of suspended rocks, each hung in remembrance of a life lost. The 78 rocks together illustrate the standing and propagating waves.  The viewer is asked to contemplate the loss as they experience the wave and read the names of the known victims. 

In memories of the lives lost.

For Jacob.

Project Assistants:
Chase Brooks, Alex Farley, Joseph Franjoine, Spencer Harder, Rick Haug, Katherine Metzler, Dominic Nappo, Olivia Nappo, and Tom Sell